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As an AASHTO-accredited laboratory since 2010, we adhere to the highest quality standards required by AASHTO and ASTM including participation in the AASHTO Resource (formerly AMRL) proficiency sample program as well as receiving a certificate of accreditation from the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP).

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Most of our work we pick-up directly from our clients. We do this at no charge. Just let us know when and where and we'll be there.


We've been testing soils for years. Many of our clients have been with us for years and in some cases more than a decade. This is because they trust us with accurate results, and timely, honest service.

Laboratory Tests We Offer
In accordance with AASHTO and ASTM. Fees current as of 2021.
¹ Mercurimetric titration method.
² Turbidimetric method.


AASHTO accedited soil testing laboratory

Accredited since 2010.

As an AASHTO-accredited laboratory since 2010, we adhere to the highest-quality standards required by the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) including participation in the AASHTO Resource (formerly AMRL) proficiency sample program, as well as strict adherence to AASHTO R-18 (Standard Recommended Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories).


In order to be accredited by AASHTO, laboratories are required to go through a rigorous review of testing, equipment and quality control.


We maintain high standards, thorough and accurate testing, equipment calibration schedules and daily quality control methods in order to comply completely with the standards set forth by AASHTO and ASTM.

To view our accreditation at AASHTO's website, or download our AASHTO Certificate of Accreditation, click on one of the boxes below.



We have completed many projects through the years. Here are just some of them. There are thousands more, from very large, to very small:

Anne Arundel County Cattail Creek Teaming (2020)

Fairfax County Operational Support Bureau (2020)

Suitland High School (2020)

DC Washington Area Sewer Authority (2020)

I-95 Express Lanes Fredericksburg, VA (2019-2020)

Laurel Park Race Track (2019)

Fairfax County Operational Support Bureau (2019)

DC Washington Area Sewer Authority (2019)

I-83 Over Padonia Rd (2019)

I-495 / I-270 P3 Program (2019)

Reconstruction of Runway 1C-19C & Associated Taxiways (2019)

FH CAVA Camp 70 Road Reconstruction (2019)

Fredericksburg I-95 Express Lanes (2019)

US Route 1 BRT (2019)

US Navel Academy Seawall Repairs (2019)

Frederick Road Slope Failure (2018)

Wellspan Heart & Vascular (2018)

Arlington Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation (2018)

Amtrak-New Carrollton Station (2018)

Anacostia River Tunnel (2018)

Hershey Creamery (2018)

US Botanic Garden (2018)

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (2018)

Sterling Boulevard (2018)

PG County Ponds (2017)

MD 32 (2017)

I-270 Innovative Congestion Management (2017)

PG County Solar Farms (2017)

FBI Quantico ERF (2017)

Numerous A.A. County Ponds (2017)

NIST (2017)

Catholic University (2017)

I-395 Express Lanes (2017)

Carnegie Library (2017)

Lansing Export Terminal (2016)

Samford Road Reconstruction (2016)

Towson University (2016)

Sterling Boulevard Extension (2016)

Fort Lincoln (2016)

General Dynamics Headquarters (2016)

Amtrak (MD 22) (2016)

BWI Taxiway (2015)

DC Washington Area Sewer Authority (WASA) (2012-present)

I-495 (2015)

I-95 (2015)

Fort Lincoln (2015)

Smithsonian Biological Institute (2015)

I-64 (2015)

Pentagon Green Roof (2015)

Land O' Lakes (2015)

Home Depot (2015)

Frito Lay (2015)

FedEx (2014-2015)

WMATA Federal Bus Garage (2015)

Andrews Air Force Base (2015)

BWI Taxiway T (2015)

DC United Soccer Stadium (2015)

I-64 Capacity Improvements (2015)

MD 210 Design (2015)

Washington-Dulles Taxilane (2015)

Cushing Road Realignment (2015)

WMATA Federal Bus Garage (2015)

I-83 Infiltration (2015)

Interstate 66 Widening (2014)

Route 7 Truck Climbing Lane (2014)

Towson University West Housing (2014)
Virginia Medical Center (2013)

Montevideo Road Realignment (2013)

Patapsco High School Stadium (2013)

JFK Center Expansion (2013)

I-66 ATM (2013)

Russell Street Bridges (2013)

Department of Energy (2013)

Towson Fire Station (2013)

Trump Golf Club (2012)



AECOM (formerly URS)

BK Reider

Century Engineering

Clendenin Consulting

D.W. Kozera




Geo-Technology Associates

Haley & Aldrich



Langan Engineering

Piedmont Geotechnical

Professional Consulting Corporation


TerraCon (formerly GeoConcepts)


Our reports have been developed in-house and are designed to give the client all the information they need.

CBR California Bearing Ratio
Consolidation testing
Soil gradation, grain size test
Summary of moisture content, atterberg limis, organic content, USCS classifications
CBR California Bearing Ratio test
Consolidation time readings test
USDA soil texture classification
USDA soil texture classification
Proctor compaction test


We are an independent soils testing laboratory. Dedicated to quality, we strive to provide accurate and timely results to our clients. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle the most demanding jobs with integrity and attention to customer service. We offer high-quality test reports, free sample pick-up, an AASHTO-accredited soils laboratory (w/extensive ASTM knowledge and experience), dedicated customer service, and prompt attention to your project. Our ultimate goal is to assist our clients with successful completion of their projects by providing them with reliable data, competitive fees, and timely service.


We have extensive experience in the testing of soils in the Baltimore, Washington, Virginia, and Pennsylvania regions for countless design and construction projects. These projects include, but are not limited to, private and public facilities and roadways, universities, churches, federal buildings, businesses, interstate highways, airports, waste water treatment plants, schools, substation upgrades, military bases, landfills, and much more.


Previously based in Baltimore, Maryland, many of our clients are located in the Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania region where we typically pick-up samples from our clients' offices. We also receive samples from our clients through carriers such as FedEx. We consider no project too small or too large. If your firm is considering sub-contracting some of your laboratory testing during high-volume periods, or looking for an independent, qualified and reliable materials testing laboratory, we look forward to meeting with you to discuss how we may best serve your firm.

We have provided independent soils laboratory services to more than sixty firms over the years. We believe that ultimately we have to answer to the Lord for our service. As a result, we focus on accuracy, quality control, and attention to detail. We strive to be a light in the industry and provide our clients with the highest quality of service while maintaining integrity and honoring God. We believe Christ works through us and provides to us completely. Thus, we ultimately have to answer to him for our work.


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Jay Kay Testing

5233 Lehman Road, Suite 110

Spring Grove, PA 17362



Shawn Tyler, Owner / Laboratory Supervisor


Phone:  814-404-9283

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