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An Independent Soil Testing Laboratory

Serving the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and surrounding areas.

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Upon completion of testing, a detailed report will be sent to you in a PDF format. Our reports have been developed in-house and are designed to give the client all the information they need which include:

•  All pertinent project information on header

   (project name, project number, location, etc.)


•  All pertinent sample information on header

   (boring, sample, depth, etc.)


•  Sample pages include detailed analysis of results


   - Gradation graph, % passing each sieve, % of coarse, medium,

      and fine sand & gravel, CC & CU (if applicable)


   - Atterberg limit results plotted and graphed on plasticity chart


   - Moisture content, limit results, organic content, both AASHTO    

      and ASTM classification symbols, soil description, etc.

Sample Test Report for Website UCS Test Report for Website

•  Optional GINT import file (via excel) available

•  Proctor & CBR curve graphs w/corrections (if applicable)

•  Tester/reviewer at footer as required by AASHTO

•  Summary sheet of test results, etc.

Click on a report or download a full 14-page sample report showing all our reports.